There’s nothing more enjoyable than watching doggies playing and having the time of their lives, unless you’re a doggie, of course. Our day care facility is all about your doggie’s needs. We have designed a state of the art premier 2,400 square feet facility to accommodate your doggie’s size and temperament; they can socialize in a friendly, safe manner.

Our daycare offers:

3 Web cams that allow you to watch from your computer. You can witness them develop new friendships with other nice doggies and a friendly staff
Three open play areas with toys and activities to stimulate them mentally and physically
Grouping your dog with compatible play buddies based on temperament, size and age
An outdoor potty area to keep your dog on a regular potty schedule
Supervised by a trained staff member to ensure they have an enjoyable, safe visit
Reasonable rates if you have one doggie or multiple doggies and flexible hours to accommodate your busy schedule

We understand that proper socialization with other friendly doggies and people is the best gift we can give our doggies. These are also great tools to offset common behavior problems that normally stem from boredom. Our staff is trained to work with doggies based on their individual personalities. They will be slowly introduced at their own comfort level if they are shy or newcomers.

Call us to schedule an appointment for you and your doggie or to take a personal tour of our complete doggie day care facility.

Doggie Day Care

We offer both Full and Half Day Prices
(Half Day 4 hours or less)

We also offer a Multi-Doggie rates (same family)

Call for an Appointment and Pricing

Pet Supplies - Various pet items for sale in our Daycare location

** All daycare departures must be picked up by 7:00pm or there will be a late charge fee of $5 per 15 minutes. **
*a non-refundable deposit, for the first NIGHT will be charged for all night-care stays*
*prices subject to change

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