What do I need to do to enroll my doggie in day care?
Meet all of the requirements and your doggie must pass the temperament evaluation test prior to attending day care.

What vaccinations does my doggie need to attend daycare?
See our requirements page.

How much does day care cost?
Call for Pricing for a Full Day.

Do you offer half day rates?
Yes, for 4 hours and under - Call for Pricing for Half Day..

Do you give discounts for multiple doggie households?
Yes, additional doggies that live in the same household will be discounted. The first doggie will be full price, and each additional doggie will be less per day - Call for Special Pricing.

How old does my doggie need to be to attend day care?
We take doggies of all ages, walks & wags. We also have a room dedicated to puppy socialization.

Does my doggie need to be spayed or neutered?
Only doggies 6 months of age and over must be spayed or neutered to attended daycare or night-care.

How long does it take to interview my doggie?
It takes about 15 minutes. It depends how comfortable your doggie is in the situation if we will need more time or less for the interview. We do this test in the early evening at 4 PM.

Will my doggie be walked and/or have access to an outside area?
Yes, your doggie will be walked.

Does my doggie need to be socialized before attending doggie daycare?
No, but your doggie must be open to being socialized with other doggies. We will not take any aggressive doggies.

Does my doggie need to be on a flea treatment?
Yes, see the requirements page.

Does my doggie need to be potty trained before attending day care?
No, we will be happy to work with your doggie while in day care. We will discuss this with you at the time of the interview.

Can my doggie have some toys from home in day care?
No, because some doggies may become possessive with their own toys. We will supply plenty of toys for your doggie and we supply beds for their afternoon naps.

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