We want our doggie guests to feel safe and comfortable, as they are playing all day or especially for OVER NITE.

WE are CAGE FREE KENNEL FREE environment.

All of our doggie guests sleep in a climate controlled, comfortable area with plush, soft clean bedding well feed (with your delicious and special food that you brought).

We are the only doggie business around that has a HUMAN sleeping with the doggies 24 hours a day. Your doggie receives LUVIN TUCK-IN SERVICE each nite with doggie LULLABIES playing in the background

One weekend we watch Lady & The Tramp (they go WILD over the spaghetti scene)

Another weekend we have DISCO BALL Dancing (training on dancing on the back 2 legs)

The HUMAN not only sleeps with them but also feeds them, plays with them, takes them out for their potty breaks, and LUVS them unconditionally

Watch your doggie on our 5 WEBCAMS!

After a day of hard playing, your doggie will sleep well (thinking of you) and will THANK YOU for the STRESS-FREE environment.

Best of ALL your doggie will not mind VACATIONS anymore!

Call (302) 644-8200 for advanced reservations and pricing.

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